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FINAL FANTASY IX For Android v1.0.2 Full Apk With Data

FINAL FANTASY IX v1.0.2 Android games form ApkHouse.

FINAL FANTASY IX for Android – Zidane and Garnet Tantalus kidnapped princess, who is the successor of Alexandria. To their surprise, however, the princess herself longed to escape life in the castle. Through a series of unusual circumstances, she and her bodyguards enter the incredible journey. On the way they
meet memorable Vivi and Quina and learn the secret of the crystal, and an evil force that threatens to destroy their world. Gradually passing game, you can learn new abilities that never will be superfluous in this dangerous and adventurous journey. By combining two elements, you can create the object of unprecedented power.


Features of FINAL FANTASY IX :

Learn new abilities by equipping items.
When fully mastered, these abilities can be used even without equipping items, allowing for nearly endless customization options.

Fill your Trance gauge as you sustain hits in battle.
When fully charged, your characters will enter Trance mode, granting them powerful new skills!

Never let items go to waste. Combine two items or pieces of equipment together and make better, stronger items!

Whether it’s Chocobo Hot and Cold, Jump Rope, or Tetra Master, there are plenty of minigames to enjoy when you’re not off saving the world.
You can even earn special item rewards!

・7 game boosters including high speed and no encounter modes.
・High-definition movies and character models.

Changes in this version 1.0.2:


Release ver.

How To Install

Cache for the game FINAL FANTASY IX for Android: folder from the archive to unpack / the sdcard / All Android / OBB / – should get so /sdcard/Android/obb/com.square_enix.FFIXww.android_googleplay/ – decompressed cache size 3.04 GB – install apk, run the game!

FeviconFree Download Link

FINAL FANTASY IX v1.0.2 Apk (31.3 MiB, 53,903 hits)


FINAL FANTASY IX v1.0.2 Data (1.7 GiB, 77,162 hits)


Requires Android: 2.3+

Zip/Rar File Password: www.apkhouse.com

Google play store review And Price






  1. How do you transfer the data file to the sd card? It won’t work unless its in the internal storage.

    • use a computer. i unzipped the (name).zip file to my desktop, copied the folder to my card/android/obb or you could use astro file manager through your phone. but that takes a bit more time.

  2. Hello

    I did all the steps but does not work .

    The game starts and asks to copy data from the internet .

    if you click ” YES ” does not do anything , if I click ” NO , ” closes the application

  3. Did all the instructions and the game just wont start. The screen just stays black.
    Extracted folder to obb folder, and then instaled apk.

  4. It’s doesn’t work

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  6. My sd card name is not precisely “sdcard” but the relative italian name. Can this be an issue? App does not load and it asks me to download files. TY

  7. Lost Journey Premium Apk for free

  8. this worked for me
    -download both files (apk and data) put them in the sd card
    -extract the data file, once that’s is done look inside the newly extract folder
    -move the com.square_en folder to internal storage-android-obb place it there
    -finally go back to the apk file that was downloaded on the sd card and install the game

  9. Ok this is the real way to make it work 100%
    Download both files
    The apk file 31.3 mb
    Then the data file which is 1.72 gb
    Now make sure you have a good 6 gb free space.
    If you don’t this is the likely fail result

    Inside the 1.7 gig file is another 3.05 gig
    It’s the rest of the full game
    No download is required just the two files given here
    Now extract the files from the 1.7 gig file
    And place it in obb
    Then install the other apk file
    Ok now the issue most of you face is when you extract the file when it’s done
    You think it was all taken out.
    All 3.05 gig
    The shity thing about android Is the extract file will show up even if it didn’t get all of the content out and if you use the my files app already on your device it will not tell you that it didn’t get it all out
    And the file will appear anyway
    It’s gay I figured this out by installing Zarchiver file manager it will tell you if there are errors
    Now once you start to extractif you don’t have the space to hold 3.05 gig
    Along with the 1.7 gig it came out of
    There will be an extract error.
    Now if you have an ex sd card you have the space but it won’t allow you to do the extract on the external sd card also gay
    But you can copy paste
    So open the 1.7 file get to the two files
    That say main and patch then copy and paste them outside of the file
    Then you can move those two back to your device storage
    Create a new file and put those two in it
    Then move it in the obb file

    Then install the apk and launch the game
    Mine worked 100% fine after I got through all of that crap and you do not have to download anything else
    The game will start and play normally
    The 3.05 gig inside the 1.7 file is the full game and everything you need for it to run properly.
    No extra space or downloads needed
    Like some other apps do to you
    Before you can play it.
    Now idk of it matters or not but the other files inside that 1.7 I want ahead and took them out and placed them in the same spot inside of the file I made
    Basicly I copied the 1.7 file exactly the way it came
    With all the info and files inside it

    This will work garunteed
    If your having issues it most certainly Is the extract problem and it not extracting all of the file out
    But still creating the damn file anyway
    Give it a shot ibpromise this will take care of it

  10. Just make darn sure that all 3.05 gigs are being extracted when you extract the file
    put them in obb
    And install the 31.03 apk file
    And launch game

    NONE !!!!!!!



    JUST THESE TWO FILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. It would be eaiser to have all the space in internal storage yes
    But you only need 3.05 gig
    Plus the apk file thats 31 meg.

    But you don’t have to have anymore then that

    I moved the 1.7 gig file to my ex sd
    To extract there
    Cuz I had more then enough in it
    To handle the size
    But most ex sd cards can’t be written to do extracting the file while in the ex sd
    you can’t do it
    It will say folder is read only

    What I had to do (which worked)
    Was use the view file option
    And copy the 3.05 gig files and paste them outside the file

    After that you can basicly delete the 1.7 file alltogether
    I then took the copies of the 3.05 gig files and moved them back over to internal storage
    Then create a file of COURSE for them to be placed in
    Then put that file in the obb location

    Doing it this way got rid of the extra 1.7 gig file that held the game files
    So you didn’t have to have the pointless extra space to hold the usless file

    Eliminating the need for 5.5 ,6.0 gig of free space
    You will only then need the 3.4 gig of free space to store and run the game

    Lol you do need atleast 6 GIG OF FREE SPACE ON internal or external storage
    To go through this process

    To answer the question sir nano
    No you don’t have to have all that free space on just the internal storage
    Only enough for the extracted files
    And ofcourse the apk game file

    • lol; but you can do this very simple : save archive in “ex sd” use winzip or win rar ad extract file in other folder :- sdcard/android/obb .. don’t need this long procedure!

      • Honestly man without your phone in my hand in not sure I know what else I could say
        What I typed was the issue most have
        With android
        Now weather or not your device can handle the game is somthing else This site is where you get it free

        But if you go to play store
        And look it up
        It will tell you If you can even run it on your phone

        It’s actually alot eaiser to just install an emulator for psx
        Then download the Rom

        The graphics aren’t horrible but the game runs a lot faster
        Also free.
        And many other ps1 games as well
        I use epsxe which seems to run em all
        At full speed.

        An emulator can be a bit of a pain in the ass for ps1 roms
        Most thinking you need to have a pc to extract Rom files.
        But zarchiver extracts just fine on your phone
        You will also need a bios file
        An app called any emu bios will have it
        And the emulator should have instructions on how to make it all work

        If nothing else man just get a better phone with a shit load of memory Not just 8 gig
        Then add an sd card

        Maake sure internal storage has well over 16 gig
        Then all the issues u face
        Will work themselves out

        Cuz your issue is from lack of internal storage
        Or game not compatible with your device

        Good luck
        I know it’s it’s huge pain in the ass
        There are tons of games I would love to play but I get tons of issues and questions I still can’t figure out

        Someone out there knows
        More then I do for sure

  12. Francis Joshua Eser

    i still has black screen even i follow the instruction please help.

  13. Thanks a lot, bro. It works perfectly on the 2 Samsung devices I have: Samsung Galaxy Tab A and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Maybe the others’ problems are with the device itself.

  14. Does it work even without internet connection?

  15. after instal an run why download file again?what wrong or must like that thx

  16. I can’t down load the data… please help

  17. I cannot download the data. Its no longer available. Please update.

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