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Injustice Gods Among Us v2.12 (Mod unlimited coin)

Super beautiful game Injustice: Gods Among Us Fantastic graphics and ultra high.Professional gameplay in the style of pitched battles.

Other products from the company Warner Bros Producer play Mortal Kombat X

The regular version + version mode Along with the official game trailer video + data files

Injustice Gods Among Us Name another series of action games company Warner Bros is in the style fighting game. This game directly from the game series Mortal Kombat is modeled. But the characters of the DC comic book hero game character up. APKhouse associated with the introduction and check out this amazing product.


Features of this Injustice: Gods Among Us:

  • Great graphics with very high detail
  • Super cute design and professional
  • Lighting, sound effects and attractive
  • The gameplay is very professional in style pitched battles
  • Modeled game series Mortal Kombat
  • There are dozens of different characters from the DC Universe heroes
  • There are heroes of popular like Batman and characters like Joker
  • The ability to acquire special powers and upgrade heroes
  • With the Online Multiplayer

Changes in this version Injustice: Gods Among Us :

Blackest Night Hawkgirl wings her way into the game, spreading devastation and doom to all who oppose her. Win her Gold card in a new Challenge, or purchase her card in an Early Access Pack if you don’t want to wait. She has synergies with other Blackest Night team members and we’ve revamped Blackest Night Batman to make him a formidable teammate.
Earn Scarecrow’s Mask spooky Legendary Gear in a new MP season and power up your team.

2_injustice_gods_among_us 6_injustice_gods_among_us 4_injustice_gods_among_us 3_injustice_gods_among_us

Install game Injustice: Gods Among Us: unpack the archive folder in / sdcard / All Android / obb / – should get so /sdcard/Android/obb/com.wb.goog.injustice/ launch game!

Injustice Gods Among Us Mod :
1. Infinite Coins
2. Infinite Ally Credits
3. Infinite Character Stamina
4. Cheat Detection Removed
5. God Mode (Need Passed Tutorial, use V1)
6. Massive Attack

FeviconFree Download Link


Requires Android: 4.0+
Source code file: www.ApkHouse.Com





  1. Hello. you could upload the files again

  2. thanks friend, sorry for the inconvenience this the version 2.2.1. I say this because the link says 2.1.1. please let me know

  3. further questions adreno versions and power are those of 2.2.1. mali and those are tegra 2.1.1. for mali and do not leave even tegra ??

    thank you

  4. it’s telling me that the package is incorrectly signed and resfuses to launch the game….please fix or give advice.


  5. It says that it is incorrectly signed in
    Plz tell me how to run the game

  6. I m using asus zenfone 5
    I download the power vr version

  7. Hola, lo instale en mi tablet y se instala normal pero cuando entro al juego no se descarga y empiesa la pantalla y se sale solo que esta pasando ?….gracias!

  8. Every data file have a one apk file.any one face problem please download single apk one first link….

  9. can u make the instructions more clearly?

  10. Now ApkHouse Update every single Apk,if you face any problem download single apk,put Data file to Correct location.

  11. I downloaded the zip file and downloaded the xplorer app. But how do I get it to copy and work with the game?

  12. I did the unlimited gold on an HTC one m8 it did a long download before the game started up but still nothing added to my game. What did I do wrong?

  13. Goodnight my friend.
    I have a question. I have to download the apk but the data for the hack to work? and what should I download if you use a samsung galaxy s4 I rooted. I’d appreciate it if you answer my comment friend

  14. ^^Thank You^^

  15. What is the obb download for galaxy tab 3 supported

  16. What file do I need for an HTC one M8?

  17. I am trying to get the data package for Mali. The APK installs fine, but the link to the data files download appears broken.

  18. how to install on my galaxy note3?what files i need to download?

    • Your GPU Adreno 330 (N9005, N9002)/ Mali-T628 MP6 (N9000)
      You Can download Adreno/Mail

      For install:-Installation Instructions: 1.After you install the apk file data file to play it decompress Data file

      2.com.wb.goog.injustice copy this folder Sd Card/Android / obb copy

  19. Hi!
    I’m downloading the Adreno one,
    How can I install this in my Note 4?
    Many Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • For install:-Installation Instructions: 1.After you install the apk file data file to play it decompress Data file

      2.com.wb.goog.injustice copy this folder Sd Card/Android / obb copy

  20. Sl j’ai un problème j’ai un Samsung s5 j’ai telecharger andrelo sa bug sa quitte le jeux à chaque fois j’ai choisie le bon obb ou non please help…

  21. Hello my friend my tablet is Samsung galaxy note 10.1 n8005 Which apk will i download ?

  22. how to install on my galaxy s5?what files i need to download?

  23. can you please upload unmodded file for powervr and v 2.2.2 the new one please

  24. Can you also give unmodded apk for the latest version (2.2.2) for mali with its data, thanks a lot

  25. im getting error incorrectly configured! i downloaded adreno version.. and my mobile is having adreno 330 gpu.. and it is also saying that it is for developer version

  26. I have a tab 4 8.0 samsung wich one is for me?

  27. can i use the obb files that came from the latest version 2.2.2 / playstore

  28. for juawei p7. android 4.4.2 version to download

  29. the new fighters can deh b bought or I must play true online mode….and is dere ares and killer frost

  30. no golds..
    i have asus zenfone 5 t00j version..i installed the mod stil have zero gold..i did run the game in online mode the first time plz help i want unlimited gold..

  31. Hi!I installed the game like it says in description but when i enter the game i get 0 coins.First time i entered online and i thought that was the problem but then i deleted all files and re entered in game without an online connection but i still have 0 coins. What i did wrong?

  32. For nexus 5 what apk and obb i need?

  33. Hey yo.. I did everything as instructed but I get NO coins..No unlimited. Its like i downloaded from playstore. What Do I do? (Using Galaxy Tab 2 7.0) Gpu is powervr sgx540

  34. i have a huawei g610, what file should i donwload … thnx

  35. i did all but doesnt work …

  36. Doesn’t work, was offline, installed apk without opening the game, copied the obb to correct location, opened game and no credits, bummer

  37. m using xaiomi mi3 what i need to do for unlimited coins n credits… reply ASAP thanx

  38. It’s not working please help
    Not getting any credits

  39. I have a Galaxy S5 which one should I download?

  40. no funciona la porqueria

  41. What do I do after step 2

  42. I have samsung galaxy grand neo. I downloaded Power-vr and adreno but both are not working. When i start the game after loading screen it brings me back to home screen……
    im excited to play this game. Please help

  43. So everything downloaded and extracted fine, but, after the intro, the game crashes every time. Installed Mali apk and Mali data file for my Note 3. Read through all the comments, don’t see a fix..please help.

  44. i want to know can i play online battle with any character this mode apk

  45. I followed the instructions it runs but it gives. Me a message saying it might not have been bought and it crashes at the end of the tutorial

  46. I have Galaxy Tab 3 P5210 ; Which version should I download

  47. Someone help. Every time I download and install it doesn’t let me extract the files

  48. Oi. Baixei o apk, extraí os arquivos, mas não encontro a pasta com.wb.goog.injustice nos arquivos baixados. Localizei ela no meu celular mas não no arquivo baixado. o que faço agora?
    Meu fone é um MOTO G, não sei se a informação é relevante..

    No aguardo.

  49. How can I install this in my grand dous ?

    Many Thanks in advance!

    • Installation Instructions: 1.After you install the apk file data file to play it decompress Data file
      2.com.wb.goog.injustice copy this folder Sd Card/Android / obb copy

  50. I did not know what to download?
    How will my full money?
    There is a guide?

  51. how to install on my galaxy grand dous ? what files i need to download ? 🙁

  52. Hi I am using lava irsi
    Which version download

  53. Hi I am using lava irsi x1
    Which version download

  54. Which is for Nexus 7 2012?

  55. Game crashes after superman logo what to do…?

  56. For lg l5 ii dual(e455) what version i must to download?

  57. I was installed all for mali. And then installed the apk replace obb in Android>data>obb. Connect to internet, but it did’nt work? All screen is blank(my RAM is 2GB). Meanwhile, I download and installed Asphalt 8 mod from another site. And replace obb data in same folder. And it works! Why just injustice didn’t work in my phone?

  58. my phone is nokia xl so which apk for me????? :-/

  59. This version 2.2.1 or 2.2.2 when I was downloaded Mod Not Working Sir. Could you Explain it? please

  60. I download i install and it also run but its alway play video when touch the sceen application crash

  61. Hi admin , I installed the game and when I reach superman logo loading before it starts , the app shuts down, my device is samsung galaxy note 4

  62. Me too John I’m on a note 2

  63. Dear All, who still figuring out how to get a lot of money and rare players or rare gears … drop me a mail on [email protected] … i charge very cheap for getting it done. i also offer new WBIds with pre loaded money best part it all legal in game. 😉 cheers to gamers

  64. how can i figure it out that this mod is working>?

  65. crack does not work, I did indicate the steps but imposible. please some help

  66. for me it works but unfortunately when it starts it appears black & white on my nvidia shield

  67. dear admin i want you to ask that is the adreno apk working or not

  68. adreno doesn’t work, sure the currency is a ton but you cant buy anything; ghost credits if you want to call it that way

  69. adreno doesn’t work, sure the currency is a ton but you cant buy anything; ghost credits if you want to call it that way

  70. App crashes right before menu is displayed.- adreno – Galaxy S7

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