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Modern Combat 5 Blackout 1.1.0k +Data With Low and High graphics Offline

Modern Combat 5 Blackout 1.1.0k +Data With Low and High graphics Offline Android Games form ApkHouse

The new version of the game without problem bin Modern Combat 5 Blackout


Change in graphics ** ** Video Tutorials

In normal mode, high-end graphics (requires root)

Poor phones, regular phones (RAM 1 GB)

Powered phones (2 GB RAM and up)


Modern Combat 5 Blackout Need to play High graphics 2gb Ram,Now you can also play low graphics 1 gb Ram.spacial form ApkHouse

Finally finished and waiting to see the final release of the game Modern Combat 5 we have already introduced the latest version of its mobile data and as we saw and heard whispers of the version of the game as the previous version of is offline and to run and play in general need to be constantly connected to the Internet. Just like the earlier versions of Spider-Man 2 game published online and in the offline version of the site of the previous posts and we hope it does happen to the Modern Combat 5. Also in this edition are the shorter time for involvement at every stage. For example, if the previous version of the game takes 15 to 20 minutes at a time for 5 to 10 minute version of the declining is


Features of this Modern Combat 5 Blackout 1.1.0k:

** Adjustable control and ability to control the types of vehicles in the game
** Stunning HD graphics and fantastic gameplay
** Dynamic multiplayer battles
** Choose your favorite class
** Multi-strong conflicts and war
** Unlock better weapons and weapon customization

In this version of the game, like the version 3 and 4 games against terrorists and the protagonist of the story, a man named Haydn Phoenix and of course in this version of the protagonist’s name Travis and play are the same as in the original Play the demo of the game that represents our conversations and conversations between them is very advanced and also freedom in this version as well as freely you’ll be able to the PC version control all kinds of Far-cry Vehicles, such as plane Car and pay. Are currently two major weakness of this version compared to previous versions of the short and in need of a permanent connection to the Internet and online games, he said. To download the latest version of the game along with the data read from the site ApkHouse see this post. Copy the file to install the Data + Download Link + Read More

Enhanced graphics methods in normal mode, high-end graphics:

Abnda hardware according to your Android phone power increase of 3 video game Read more and download file (if you select the wrong file in the log and frame drops you off)

Now your downloaded file and extract the files in the following directory by name GameOptions_saved.json by Root Explorer to copy and paste

The data / data / com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftM5HM / files and copy the downloaded file in the directory (replace) it. Enjoy fantastic graphics and game play.


Changes in this version Modern Combat 5 Blackout 1.1.0k:

What’s New
The holidays are about to hit with a bang!
– Two beloved Modern Combat maps: Scramble and Overtime
– Vote for the next map
– Get revenge in Squad Battles
– Climb the leagues
– New Class Skills and level cap
– Seasonal masks, jingles and decorations
– Santa skin for VIPs
– Cool masks
– Awesome new kill signs
– Pro weapons
– See online friends
– Check live events and league rank

Note that:
1 – Internet connection is required to play forever and ever, the game will also be cut off if the internet!
2 – Game dont need to root the device, the sink Gmail, passing through sanctions and no!
3 – not to meet with Czech license, before you run off and make sure the account of Gmail, Google Plus and market yourself out!

Installation instructions and play:

– First, install the game to download and install.
– Download the data file to decompress it. Com folder. Gameloft .android.anmp.gloftm5Hm on track Android / obb copy.
– Run the game.


(Just under 10 MB download may be required.)

– Offline data file from the download link below, you decompress it. All the files in the folder in the path Aakstrkt Android / data / com. Gameloft .android.anmp.gloftm5Hm / files / Dlcs copy.

FeviconFree Download Link

Modern Combat 5 Blackout v2.0.1g Mod APK (38.3 MiB, 95,799 hits)

Modern Combat 5 Blackout v2.0.1g Mod APK

Modern Combat 5 Blackout v2.0.1g Data File (741.4 MiB, 69,688 hits)

Modern Combat 5 Blackout v2.0.1g Data File

Download increase poor graphics for phones

[su_button url=”http://dl1.apkhouse.net/2014/12/modern5-zaeif(www.Apkhouse.com).zip” style=”flat” background=”#79c708″ color=”#0b0b0b” icon=”icon: arrow-circle-down” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″] Download Now[/su_button]

File Size: 44 + 698 MB
Requires Android: 4.0+
Source code file: www.ApkHouse.Com

Google play store reveiw And Price

Modern Combat 5 eSports FPS
Developer: Gameloft
Price: Free+

modern-combat-5-blackout-5_Apk modern-combat-5-blackout-3_Apk modern-combat-5-blackout-2_Apk modern-combat-5-blackout-1_Apk

  • chadz1911

    where am i download the file of Offline Mode?

  • jason

    do i need to download the modern combat 5 data to play offline? or just the modern combat offline mode data.

  • jenny

    i install the apk and extract the offline data but i cant open it after license checking ot forces to close

    • Md Alamin Ahamed

      your phone model?

      • jenny

        samsung tab 2 sir.

        • Can play but face something problem…

          • jenny

            sir if i want to play it in offline mode do i need to download modern combat data offline and modern combat data? or just the modern combat data offline?

  • Reza

    i install the apk and extract the offline data but it cant open after license checking out forces to close. Im asus zenfone 5 user

  • Reza

    HELP !!! Sorry for my bad english before. Admin why it force close? I was follow your instruction. I install apk, then i place data offline in obb folder, then i was try all ‘gameoptionsaved.jason’ in data/data/com.gameloft……………./files/ . But why it didnt work? Im asus zenfone 5 user

    • Md Alamin Ahamed

      Please run first time with wifi internet connection

      • reza

        I was do it with internet connection. But didnt work

        • not comfortable with your phone..i think…

  • Ragavendran

    Help bro ,

    I want to install offline mod with high end graphics(Qualcom 800,2 ram, adreno 330- mine),please give clear description for installation because as per ur instruction game is not running just black screen is arises for while nothing comes. if please send instruction to email, was internet connection required

    • ragavendran

      just give clear instruction, my mobile is rooted – i already downloaded all the files related to this game

  • reza

    where should i put the data offline, sir?

  • kumkum

    hay bro, do you have additional data file ( chepter file 3,4,5,6) for the latest version Modern Combat 5 v 1.1.0k ?? today i will try 2 time for this updated (chepter file) additional file but those are dosent work please help me find out this. thanks

  • greenboys

    hey, your game is not working , i tried a couples of time running the game in dferrent ways but it still doesnt want , i put data on sd as you described , replaced files , did everything but only show dark screen when i run it , i have rooted samsung note 2, i hope you figure out away , thanks

  • Z0E

    Hi admin. Can you upload chapter data only?!

    I try many time download the chapter on the game but stuck on 15% downloading.

    Thanks. Sory for my bad english.

  • hendra

    i already download all, apk, obb, offline data & i already put all data offline in dlcs & put obb in data/obb…. but after i play that game, i play use wifi can conect & play, but if i turn off wifi & 3G conection, i cant play…. that game must online…. what i must to do???

  • Amit Sagar

    Hi…admin…saying no internet connection available…what is this????

    • you need to on your internet connection.wifi is best…

      • Amit Sagar

        Thanks it’s working….

        • Muhammad Awais Khaliq

          Offline version working or not?

          • Amit Sagar

            No..offline version is not working

          • Sonu Verma

            but why…….

        • Srinivas Adada

          Hi Amit could you please let me know how it is working

      • Muhammad Awais Khaliq

        So why you give offline version?

    • disqus_I152lNqEME

      turn on h+ dude

      • Chinthalapalli Kaushik

        what is h+?

        • Ochad

          your mobile data is poor, E connection is not enough

  • leonsio

    Thanks thanks and thanks I have downloaded spiderman 2 and modern combat 5 thanks very much

    • Thanks form Apkhouse

      • Abdul Wali

        hi i hope you are fine,

        I have galaxy s3.It’s signal was drop. Now sim card is not working in my phone.So please how i play modern combat 5( without wifi or data connection)without google account ;(

        • Varun Vishwanath

          I’m not able to play the unlocked chapter 3…. it’s downloaded please help with this it just says mc5 has stopped

          • PrinceHaro

            The 3rd download link was broken..please fix

        • aswad alex

          You Can’t Play That game offline

          Do you wan’t fps game?
          if yes Download the N.O.V.A 3 Freedom Edition It is offline
          FULLY OFFLINE Becuz i download it

  • miko hernandez

    i cant play the offline version, i downloaded and extract all the data offline files and copied it to the data files on my phone but it’s still searching for an internet connection.
    how can i play the offline version?

  • antonykishan

    when i instal the game it say update to the newest virsion plz help….

  • Manish

    a super thank for your work….!!!! i’ve did everything but game only crashed on the GAMELOFT screen. ONly Your Game Worked…!!!!!!!! THANK YOU.

  • TNVR’

    I hav a problem….. when it is extracting files after 17% it automatically force stopped…… whats this.??

  • Pritam

    Hey admin please help me. It can’t install in my mobile. It says “app not installed”. My device Moto G xt1033. Please please please help me.

  • lishan

    Can we play this game off line?

  • Cek

    Hei, it doesn’t work =(
    After gameloft’s logo the game crashes
    Do you know why?

  • Endri Limanaj

    After the gameloft logo the game crashes. i’m using a Galaxy Note 3 and i extracted the game with win-rar, i’m using a wi-fi network but game still crashes. I don’t know what to do. Help me !

  • Adhi Wibawa

    Run Perfectly.. thanks admin..
    keep share good game..

  • danang pigfat

    Run game with internet highspeed. Its always need connection.

  • Bryan Coronado

    H+ means you have High Speed Connection on the Internet while E means Edge Connection Low quality of signal transmitted by your provider. 🙂

  • Sakata Gintoki

    downloaded apk
    downloaded data
    downloaded offline data
    installed game
    placed data files as instructed
    game runs only if connected to the internet

    P.S. I do get the failed to connect to the internet error during loading 3-5 times… but the game still runs
    P.S.S. The loading does take a long time..

  • Srinivas Adada

    My Modern combat 5 game is getting crashed…I placed the data file under android/obb and installed the file…but when I click on the icon game gets crashed after Gameloft icon….

    • Srinivas Adada

      I have wifi ..so internet connection issue…please help

  • Bryan Coronado

    Please admin clarify your WORDS. I don’t understand those instructions you have! Thank you! and Thank you for the Gameloft games effort!

  • vu hiep nguyen

    it always crashed man what should i do

  • vu hiep nguyen

    link die :(( data fix please

  • Jojels

    link dead increase poor graphic

  • Ricky Tse

    Hello ApkHouse, thanks for the effort. I want to know is there a way to backup the save data offline, or if this game is sync with FB account? cuz I want to switch back to the official version from a modded version.

  • rahul

    Were is the 10MB DATA link

  • sarabjeet

    inStall the game after click the icon invalied license pls tell me what i do ?

  • sandeep singh

    Invalid license.. .please solve problem


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