RAM Manager Pro 7.0.5 apk software optimization and memory management in Android


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RAM Manager Pro software is the latest version released

Install this software to all Android users we recommend

RAM Manager Pro is one of the best management software for Android RAM is capable of performance, speed and efficiency to enhance your phone. RAM Manager Pro is a RAM optimization modes according to the the phone You can select one of them.


Features of this RAM Manager Pro 7.0.5:

  • A widget
  • Select the saved settings after each reboot the phone automatically
  • Switch between options without rebooting


  1. Your phone must be rooted to install this software.
  2. RAM for better performance management program, all programs and remove the software.
  3. Ibn program is the best solution for those who need more RAM space free on your phone.

After installing the program, you will have several options in the future with respect to the performance of the phone can open the phone memory Optimize.

Balance – If your phone does not do heavy work, just doing simple, everyday tasks This option is a good choice and the balance of the established.

Balance More free memory – roughly the same as the Balance option, but the option for users who have more RAM than 512 MB ​​to be beneficial. This option gives you more free memory but not suitable for multi Tskyng.

Balance More multitasking – it’s almost the same as the Balance option, but the option for users who have more RAM than 512 MB ​​to be beneficial. This option gives you more free memory and is suitable for multi Tskyng.

Hard gaming – by fixing the amount of free RAM to run the game better will help.

Hard gaming Less aggressive – This option is similar to the Hard gaming, but for devices with less than 512 MB ​​of RAM is better.

Hard multitasking – this is the perfect option for people who are running multiple applications simultaneously Hhmyshh their phones suck so badly!

Default Samsung – Default settings by Samsung, this settings for LG, HTC, etc. are also used.

Default Nexus S – Google’s default settings are used by all devices.

Default – to activate the default mode and return to pre-program settings.

Lock launcher in memory – Prevent restart the launcher.

VM Heap size – the maximum amount of RAM in megabytes programs.

Swap file – can increase the performance and efficiency of your phone, but it may reduce the life of the SD card.

Memory info – displays information from your memory.

Memory graph – displays the amount of free memory and occupied.

Changes in this version RAM Manager Pro 7.0.5:

 What’s New
Reworked and improved balance, more free memory, more multitasking, hard gaming and hard multitasking options

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RAM Manager Pro v8.6.0 APK (3.9 MiB, 9,600 hits)

RAM Manager Pro v8.6.0 APK

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Requires Android: 2.1+
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RAM Manager Pro
Developer: Juwe11
Price: 5,96 $

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