FolderMount Premium [ROOT] 2.7.3 software to transfer data to a memory card Android Game

FolderMount Premium [ROOT] 2.7.3 software to transfer data to a memory card Android Game Android apps form ApkHouse


Premium full version and unlock FolderMount Premium Move Data and obb file internal memory to sd card/memory card

With new special education administrator

This unique application of 5-line and very helpful and concise and practical

Best software to transfer data to a memory card game from the perspective of the administrator (100% confirmed)

The software needs to be routed and in virtually any application, there is no root.

Surely, even if you select one of the top models of htc and samsung is that the volume of new data applications and special games to this annoying problem filling the internal memory space and space Phones App’ve encountered in practice No longer able to copy the game files and data in its internal memory and are sometimes even reduced volume so you can not even have a few megabytes of the software your phone installed.

At this time, what would you do?

You may not think you have to choose when buying a phone with 16 GB of internal space to encounter a shortage of memory is not it? But maybe after a few games installed HD data of each Dytahayy even up to 1.5 to 2 gigabytes are totally change your opinion!


But this post is going to introduce Apkhouse site valuable and highly functional software for Android phones we use it, and just a few clicks (Read more in training) will be able of a large body games and applications Dytahay especially software to your memory card. FolderMount Premium [ROOT] is the name of this powerful software

Features of this FolderMount Premium [ROOT] 2.7.3:

** Portability folders on the internal memory on the memory card.
** Transfer speed is very high and significant
** Interface is very simple and free of any ambiguity
* Full support for all Android phones from Android 2.3 to 4.2
** Installed on all Android phones routed

Friends phones with 2 and 4 GB of internal memory are limited. You may also encounter the question mark that data for a game is about 1 to 2 GB of internal memory, 1 GB, or 700 MB, but such is not the more empty the data on a memory how to get Rikhteh after the it lamb Memory?

In answer to this question is that many users can not stay and think in the comments section of this application they saw so many of facing the problem. But the problem there is a simple solution.

A New folder in your memory and make your Obb Dakhlytvn and folder name exactly as the name change game data folder.

No need to put the file inside the folder is empty. I mixed up the original data into memory (memory card) Now go into Folder mount and matching pre-cut and cut the front and I had no problems playing the Monte Rahtvn and data field and green tick hard

Use FolderMount Premium:

After entering the software available to confirm the root of the application menu, choose Options +. In the Name a custom name (does not matter what the name is) to select your game.

Source address in the data file in the game folder Obb internal memory or the memory to me (enter your game data folder) and then press the checkmark top software now asks you a question and uncheck the option to select yes Be sure to select Exclude from media!

Tick as top choice for data transfer from the internal memory to the memory card of your choice.

Proportional to the amount of data transfer operations, the game may take up to 3 minutes.

The main application and sign on the pin as the name of the game you choose to be green if the operation was successfully been carried out.

You can log into the game.

Important note:

Dytayy files on your internal memory was still there, but you would not take any amount of memory (My computer can understand the shedding of every game you)

No file in the internal memory to mind is that these additional files or the volume of your memory is not cleared.

Changes in this version FolderMount Premium [ROOT] 2.7.3:

What’s New
v2.7.3 ++ Updated Slovak, Italian, Chinese and added Lithuanian and Malay. Special thanks to volunteers: polizplz, rogepix, kudeos and Muhdnurhidaya96
++ Alert users to issue in Lollipop ROMs where SuperSU is not installed and suggest a fix
++ Motorola Lollipop support. FolderMount will suggest a patch and reboot. Thanks @ non4 (xda) for your testing.

FeviconFree Download Link

Zip/Rar File Password:
File Size: 1.6 MB
Requires Android: 2.1+

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FolderMount [ROOT]
FolderMount [ROOT]
Developer: madmack
Price: Free+


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