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Gibbets: Bow Master is an exciting arcade game made by HeroCraft Ltd. and published in the Android market and you will play the role of Archer Master in this game which is trying to save innocent people.

In Gibbets: Bow Master, innocent people are arrested and their heads are overhead. With your bow and arrow, you must try to tear the ropes attached to the hanger to save them. But you have a limited amount of time in doing so. Because you have to save them before the victims take their last breath. So in this game, accuracy and speed of action are important factors. Be careful for seamless marking and speed of action for shooting as quickly as possible before they lose their lives.

You are the archer master, so be careful not to shoot the hanger instead of the rope. In the early stages of The Gibbets: Bow Master, you have to save a few, but at higher levels the number of heads increases and your speed should be much higher.

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Requires Android: 4.1+

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