Gladiator Heroes 3.2.4 Apk+Data for Android

Gladiator Heroes 3.2.4 Download game Gladiator Heroes Android + Data

Gladiator Heroes

Gladiator Heroes is a new strategy game from the Genera Games studio, in which you must build, manage, and defend your realm. Multiplayer Multiplayer Enter the battle with your friends and fight for the glory. Conquer new worlds and consolidate your place in history.

Build gladiator academies, weapons, homes, hospitals, and government buildings and open up diverse maps with woods, deserts, mountains and volcanoes. In Gladiator Heroes Square and the Empire race walk up. You are a warrior and emperor in this exciting new strategy game.

Each empire that is more successful will gain better gladiators and weapons. Design your own fighters, train them and equip them, and then direct them to deadly wars, where they can show the skills and weapons they have just gained. As your small village grows up and becomes an empire, turn your untrained and untrained gladiators into the worst opponents.

Show off your strength and defend your dignity at Gladiator Heroes .

Features of Gladiator Heroes Android : 
– Features Multiplayer! Play with your friends and compete in the ranking. Discover new player categories and auto combat features.
Control your construction and expand your cities.
– Fight in a variety of battlefields throughout the empire, from the Susan Desert to the Tundra Snowy
– in the Deathly Hallows, Gold, Weapons, and Skills.
Put your gladiators strategically and expel your opponents
– design, grade, and train your gladiators, and then watch them evolve into rebellious killers.

New features: 
-New Weekend Event Type, The Emperor’s Trials!
-Fixed new gladiator’s rank not showing correctly.
-Fixed lost rewards after sending the game to background.
-Fixed an achievement bug.
-Fixed several tutorial-related blocks.
-Fixed bug during customization if the gladiator was holding certain items.
-Battle Banner, Defensive Aura and Fear now provide the correct buffs.
-Fixed the rank of Event prizes not being displayed correctly.

Free Download Link

Download apk

Requires Android: 4.1+

Gladiator Heroes Installation Guide :
Download and install the apk file for the game.
2- After downloading and extracting the compressed data file, place the com.generagames.gladiatorheroes folder on your Android/obb Android device’s path.
3. Run the game.

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