Guns of Boom 8.2.0 Mod Apk (No recoil+Instant reload)

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Guns of Boom mod apk

Guns of Boom is one of the most successful action games that has been released by Game Insight for free on the Android Market. The game is going to be like a soldier and in collaboration with other teammates to battle. Go on another group and use a weapon of war like a health kit, a grenade, a gun and a shotgun to destroy more enemies, because what's important at the end of the stage is the number of dead and the numbers of survivors.

Both groups are placed on a predetermined map at a given time and the war begins, and each team attempts to kill the opponent's forces, each player returns to the game after the death, and this repeat process Finds out until the next step is over. Choose between different characters and challenge your skills in the battles, and if you want to get into powerful colognes and take advantage of others' support. Timely decision making. And the high speed of the action in dealing with enemy ammo and their attacking attacks will reduce the casualties and eventually the team will win. This game with the vivid colors Attractive quizzes and entertaining gameplay will be a good idea to fill your leisure time and, of course , engaging in online battles will also increase the excitement.

 Android game features Guns of Boom:

  • Super awesome graphics with three-dimensional design and detail
  • Optimized and able to run on weaker devices
  • Excellent design, ultra-attractive soundtrack and extremely sophisticated effects, especially explosions (BOOM)
  • Online teaming and tactics
  • Completely online , smooth, dynamic and super-professional gameplay in Action FPS style
  • Ability to choose player character from several default examples
  • Possibility to personalize, manage and upgrade the character of the game professionally
  • There are dozens of firearms with upgradeable capabilities
  • Possibility to use equipment such as armor, grenade, health kit and ...
  • Includes awards section and special rates
  • There are various places and maps
  • A professional yet easy and easy controller with personalization capabilities
  • Adjustable shooting automatic or manual
  • Ability to adjust the game graphics in three modes: Low, Medium, High
  • Ability to add other players to your friends list
  • Possibility to enter different colognes

Changes in this version  :

Corp. Wars 
• CHOOSE YOUR CORP and advance it in the event by completing challenges 
• ADDITIONAL REWARDS every day for the Corp in the lead 
• NEW FAIR where you can choose prizes before going for a spin

New Map 
• ICELAND: RUINS - A new location with a dynamic layout of the battlefield

Guns of Boom Mod version features:
No recoil
Instant reload

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Guns of Boom 8.2.0 Mod Apk (No recoil+Instant reload) 1

Requires Android: 4.0.3+

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