Hearthstone v13.0.28116 Mod (Golden Cards, Unlocked)

Hearthstone v13.0.28116 Mod Apk (Golden Cards, Unlocked) – Cards of Warcraft Heroes Android

Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft A very fun and addictive card game for Android phones from the famous Blizzard Entertainment company, the company has a lot of fame for Warcraft and World of Warcraft games, in fact Hearthstone is a game related to the two games. We’re going to announce it today on Android City. In this game, you’ll get cards that all have the features, features and powers of the classroom and warcraft characters like Warrior, Mage, Warlock, Paladin and … and you must defeat your opponents by using these cards, get the items, combine them and make your watch Have fun playing! Hearthstone, with its high graphics and unique features, gives users the opportunity to become one of the best and most engaging Android gaming games.

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

Features of this Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft:

– The presence of all the characters and characters of the famous game Warcraft

– Ability to use powerful and magic cards

– Ability to combine cards and make more powerful cards

– Stunning HD graphics + Exciting and professional sound

Changes in this version Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft:

  • * 135 new cards!
  • * Legendary Champions and Loa minions!
  • * Rare quality Spirit cards!
  • * New keyword: Overkill!
  • * Free single-player content opens December 13.

Requires Android: 4.0+

Google play store review And Price

Price: Free+

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