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If the most popular games that are presented each year at the E3 exhibition games dating, you probably have to pass the name of the game has been or the name of heard Hellraid the eye. Without preamble to introduce the controversial match in 2014, which critics say is most frightening games of 2014 described above. Polish company Techland is Hellraid product. The eighth generation of the Fair Play E3 2014 for consoles and Windows, was introduced Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Prior to this, Hellraid was titled Project Hell mode or one of the popular game Dead Island DLC is why companies like version of Dead Island: Riptide appeared, but these games are so powerful that the writer Techland decided to further changes, This version of the game in a single turn.


Features of this Hellraid: The Escape:

  • The graphics and detail in the video game consoles
  • Version Released for PC, PS4, Xbox One Now for Android
  • A beautiful and mysterious stories
  • With the hidden and mysterious
  • Scary and dangerous enemies resurrected from the dead (similar to the game Vlfnshtayn)
  • Dark and daunting atmosphere of the Damned Hellraid
  • Sound is very scary and natural
  • Holds the intellectual puzzles and riddles too
  • The ability to use different weapons
  • The ability to freely surf (Free Exploration)
  • Application of virtual buttons plus the ability to use Controller Gamepad

Before introducing the game more and paying attention to the content of the story and gameplay it should be played a little simple Hellraid and Hellraid: The Escape contingencies. Play Hellraid original version of this game is the eighth generation of gaming consoles and PC has been released. Producer company Techland and published this game. Techland has long-term plans, plans to introduce the game to other platforms like Android and iOS operating systems takes place. Mobile version of the company in charge of building the game Hellraid game is Shortbreak Studios sc.

In fact Shortbreak Studios sc professionally original version of the game for the Android and iOS platforms, and now you can rip off the intellectual scary and attractive graphics, story and gameplay similar to the original version of the top Android to get your Android device. It is worth noting that the graphics of this game are very high, but certainly not as much as an eighth-generation video game console is a lot to be said that the graphics are similar.

Review the story and gameplay Hellraid: The Escape:

Play Hellraid: The Escape is a complex and intriguing story. At the beginning of the game, something that seems like a very scary nightmare for the main character in the game, but after a bit of surfing story that seems like there was not a nightmare these events are happening really are Although most manufacturers do not have much to say but this game Hellraid story compelling story behind it is known. According to the creators, the game’s story is something that should be discovered by the user. But the short story is that the player (game character) is the last of a family curse. It seems that his father, grandfather and great sin, maybe a new character and makes his relatives into a hellish curse develop.

In a world where demons and the dead members of the family are in power and are in a horrible and dark halls are locked. Play starts here! That is where you open your eyes and find yourself in a prison in hell. The first scene of the play would be enough to scare and terrify you! Until you open your eyes a few meters ahead of the macabre Hellraid guards armor and an ax in his dress standing on the side of your move.

You have no way to escape and can just look around you! It is close to you and be near you unconscious with a kick and throws in a sarcophagus. Do not worry, this is no way to escape the first part of the game and the story it will happen. After a few minutes, your next step should be to remove the coffin down the stone next to it on your own. Now can you see yourself in a prison Mhsvr adventure begins. You need only think of escaping this world be damned.

Is a first-person arcade style elements and original elements based on reason and think you will not be able to for your bravery! Quote of the creators of the game: With the demons fight with your mind, not with guns!And indeed it is. Although you can find the weapons that you use to fight and kill the demons, but the creatures large and equipped with heavy armor and weapons do not have much luck. So either run away or to think and concentrate better way to destroy these creatures find.

In this game it is not clear that it is you who are trapped in this place cursed or have your soul! Several questions that you are exactly where you are? This world is hell? Why can not the past and not even remember her name? And what they need to do in the game. To get answers to these questions and discover the mysteries of this world, I must follow the path to freedom from the Horror Hall of. Of course, you’ll also find a friend that will be our common goal. This would be the turning point of hope and a sense of itself as somewhat reduced. Of course, it would be joined together in the middle of the game you should also follow a strange love story.

A game needs to be familiar with the English language! It’s in different parts of the papers seen by someone else (perhaps with friends) are written for you. In this paper some good tips and advice listed. It’s Keepers, for example, you get more familiar with the nature and ways to escape or destroy them they said to. The paper is also the main way you move in the right direction.

However, without looking at the paper does not slow down, but what you can to protect them better than themselves and find ways to use functional guidance. In this game there are two other kinds of help. Preview Walkthrough Hint and another one showing the steps online through the browser. The Hint You can use the instructions within the game. For example, if you pull a lever that must be activated with a Hint of a golden color effects. Walkthrough for the time when you really do not know what to do to transition from one department can help. Walkthrough guide step by step game.

In Hellraid huge number of puzzles, memory games, puzzles and challenging parts there. Many users of these puzzles are among the most difficult puzzle game read, and some users have viewed this puzzle are very simple. Intelligence and experience you know about intelligence and puzzle games are a great role in solving these puzzles. Play Hellraid: The Escape of view, such as magazines and Mntqdhay Games TouchArcade, TouchTapPlay, Applenapps score was 9 out of 10. It is also mentionable that this new generation game engine Unreal Engine built.

Note: this game because of the graphics processor with dedicated graphics Adreno, Mali, PowerVR, Tegra has been released.

Installation Instructions: The processor of your Android phone or tablet, make sure to choose the correct download options. After being informed, install and download the data to fit your phone or tablet.Installation files and folders on the device installed com.shortbreakstudios.hr to: sdcard / Android / obb export. Then run the game.

Changes in this version Hellraid: The Escape 1.13:

– Minor fixes

infoFree Download Link

Hellraid: The Escape v1.13.apk

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File Size: 25.54 MB | 430 MB
Requires Android: 2.3+
Source code file: www.ApkHouse.Com


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