Hibernator Hibernate apps Save battery 01 mod apk

Hibernator Pro v2.19.3 Full Apk for Android

Download Hibernator Pro Apk – Close the running program and service on Android.

Hibernator: Hibernate running apps & save battery this software enables you to close all running programs and also prevent the automatic launch of programs. Your phone maintains many apps in the background section on an activity while makes your system resources use and thus drains the device’s battery and reduces the amount of memory available. This software is a powerful Task Killer that stops different processing and prevents them from restarting. It also speeds up your device as it stops background apps. In addition, releasing ram and emptying, it optimizes your device’s memory and creates a suitable space for new applications. As the program closes, the battery consumption will decrease, thus increasing the battery life.

Hibernator Pro Mod Apk

Some features of hibernator Pro:

Besting all running apps
seconding affairs and background services
To prevent apps and services from re-opening After closing
s backup of users’ apps as well as system apps
abusive activation
positive access to the notification

Hibernator Pro Apk

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Requires Android: 4.1+

Hibernator Pro Android

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