Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast 314826 Apk+Mod for android

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast v314826 Apk+Mod for android

Play Maiden: Legacy of the Beast

Maiden: Legacy of the Beast The title of a game is a different and interesting role for Android, in which you will appear in the role of Eddie, stepping in an amazing world. The game, as its name suggests, is inspired by the band’s famous Heavy Metal, Iron Maiden (Irene Maiden). In this game, which elements of a game play a complete role, you must fight hardened enemies and collect as fragments of the soul of Eddie, which is broken, and ultimately save the world from destruction.

Iron Maiden

Features of Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast:

  • Release Eddie’s incredible forces
  • Ability to travel between time and place
  • Strong music and sound
  • Irene Maiden’s famous cracks from the old to the new
  • The gathering of the spirits of defeated enemies and the possibility of commanding them
  • A very strategic gameplay with upgrading abilities
  • The possibility of forming a team to engage in strategic battles
  • More than 40 different spell types with different capabilities for your character
  • Choose a character type from five different classes: Warrior, Wizard, Guardian, Gunman and Killer
  • Attractive game play with 3D environment and stunning effects

Tips : 
– Minimum requirements: 768 MB of RAM, 1 GB of memory up to the top recommended
– Minimum screen resolution: 800 × 480

Changes in this version :

Update 4.7 includes minor bug fixes.
Revised the store organization
Various store quality improvements
Improvements for the My Team screen
Smoothed out player early experience
Decreased load times on startup

Free Download Link

Requires Android: 4.0+

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