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Jurassic World The Game

Jurassic World ™: The Game is an engaging mobile game in the epic adventure-style adventure game developed by Ludia, the maker of Jurassic Park ™ Builder. Take over 50 great dinosaurs from the new Jurassic Park movie and challenge your opponents in battles that shake the ground. Make Jurassic Park Tomorrow Build This Dinosaur Experience And Make The Battle Unmatched.

In order to build a team that wins the Battlefield battlefield, you need to design the most efficient and most efficient park, which will allow your dinosaurs to grow. Discover new and amazing dinosaurs by collecting surprise card packages. Join Owen, Claire and your favorite characters from the movie, and while you grow your dinosaurs, you’re also thinking of genetic enhancement. Now that the park is open, it’s time to build your Jurassic Park!

Features of  Android game :

* Contradict the rules of science by collecting, giving birth and breeding more than 50 unique dinosaurs!
* Build and upgrade the magnificent landscapes inspired by the Jurassic Park movie
* Challenging opponents from around the world in battles that swept the ground up!
* Interacting with movie characters, as you guide new storylines and exciting missions!
* Enhance your experience with the Hasbro® Brawlasaurs toy dinosaurs – you can scan each toy dinosaur and use its 3D model in the game.
* Select from multiple card packs. Each one can bring a special dinosaur!
* Earn daily rewards like coins, DNA and other essential resources

Whats New:

-MODs have arrived! Attach enhancing modifiers to your creatures for a battle advantage, including increased attack, damage over-time effects and many more to come! 
-NEW Raptor Paddock – Train your Velociraptors and get MODs. 
-New creatures will be entering the parks soon – come back for more details every day. 
-And more!

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Requires Android4.1+

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