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LuckyPatcher 4.8.0 Apk download the latest version of Android

Free download Pachter Lucky Lucky Patcher 4.8.0 download the latest version of Android software and training to use it android apps form ApkHouse


Lucky Pachter latest version of Android

With the ability to automatically update to the latest version + video tutorial Read More

Lucky Patcher will not know for sure if the client software stalwart that for once he was not at least heard the name. By this software are able license for most applications and games to your patch and crack software application and games to Trial of the permanent !! The latest version of this software now comes with video tutorials that are available from apktops visitors are respected.

Consider the Freedom software with no need to install software integration Freedom and if you do not have a paid-up, and Lucky Pachter app to be able to patch the Lucky Pachter of payment of a fraudulent button.

Note: To use this software you need is to be routed.

To read more go to the training session.

Total Training for Adobe software lucky Pachter Android apps:

How to use lucky Pachter Tutotial:

After running through the list of installed applications on your phone and you’ll see that each has a color.The colors each have a different meaning to describe them:


Green color: means that the program has an excellent chance of getting the patch.

Yellow color: means that this program has a specific patch is installed and if the version is synchronized with the patch program is 100% cashmere.

Light blue: this means that the program has Google ads and ads can be removed with a patch.

Pink: It’s Mrny that the boot is on the list and automatically runs the Android startup.

Bnqsh color faded: it means that the program has paid into the program and have the chance to do the fraudulent payments.

Red: This patch does not mean that there is no chance of cracking.

Orange: That means that the program is an android system and patch it needs careful planning and may sometimes interfere with the operation.

Mark Berg: Lucky Pjr enabled it indicates that changes in the program has created.

Star sign: ODEX file is created with changes made ​​to the program. If ODEX delete the program will return to the state before the patch.

How to patch up Android apps and games in lacquered Pachter:

To do this you need the application to do a long touch the patch menu appears and then select the patch to change will be done.


Option 1: Custom patch:

The priority is to apply the appropriate patch. If this option is enabled the program to be sure to pick it up.

Option 2: Remove License Verification:

To remove the license applications and games that will have the choice of several options:


A) Auto mode or Auto Modes:


It has a few different modes that automatically patch the program. First, it is important to just try it and if it does not work like the Inversed other modes Extreme Mode and try.

Also, if Amazon or Samsung plans to market an option to select it. If the app is moved to SD Card Apply Patch to dalvik-cache options you choose.

B) Manually or manual mode:

The different pattern patch you can do it manually. We have 7 different patterns to patch up the existing program. You need to manually patch the Backup Options button. The internet enabled. Select a template and click Patch button. You can now test the application by selecting Launch. Select theRestore option did not work if the selected pattern and apply the next pattern. Finally, when the program was Patch Fix Changes options to choose from.


C) Mode Selected Patterns:

If the above did not work either case, you can also try the options in the area.lucky-patcher-5

Option 3: Remove Google Advertisements:

With this option, you can delete ads within the program itself has two different modes of the options it did not work option you can try the.


Option 4: Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation:

This option has the option of paying for programs that are inline. In fact, this option works the same as the Freedom as it does. After the patch the program by chance have the option of in-app payments free to do. Pj and run the application after application when selecting a payment in-app payment options Pachter Lucky you shortly.

lucky-patcher-7Option 5: Change The application’s components:

By using this option, you can access the components defined in the program, disable it or change it. This option requires information about Android programming by trial and error, but you can still get results.


6 Options Create Modified APK File:

By using this option you can create patched APK files. The options described above on a patch that is applied to install the patch does not need to apply next time. After saving the file in the folderLuckyPatcher mode is stored in memory.


7 Options Remove ODEX with changes:

This gives the option to delete the ODEX created with the changes and plans to return to the state before the patch.

8 option Remove Selected saved File:

This option also eliminates all payments made by the program and the program returns to the first state.

9 Options Backup:

This option makes a backup of applications.

10 options Restore:

This option restores the backup programs.

11 Option Patch on Reboot:

This option restarts the android operation by Pj when done. It is Napaydr-up that is used only for the needs of the library SO. There.

12 Options Manual Patcher:

This option is included only for professionals to change the HEX string to patch their programs. To use this option you need to have competence in programming android.

lucky-patcher-1013 items ODEX This Application:

The program provides options ODEX version. ODEX Read more about …

14 select Disable Package Freeze:

By using this option you can disable the installed programs to freeze and still have the program installed.

15 options Share this App:

This option provides you the opportunity to share ups.

All options are available in the program to patch up needs to be explained, but another option in theToolbox named there are some features of the program is included in the most important being theinstallation google making Poly Astor.

In the Settings, you can change the settings to customize the settings, or interfaces appear more relevant to the program.

Although the day will be added to the program’s ability and higher accuracy applications, but do not miss the chance and it’s the foundation of this program is 100% always does not work and everything depends on the chance to.

This site is dedicated to the greatest Android releases and copy only those with credit is permitted.

Changes in this version Lucky Patcher 4.8.0:

What’s new:
~ Update custom patches;
~ Add custom patches;
~ Bugs fixed for some firmwares;

Free Download Link

Lucky Patcher v7.0.3 APK (111,676 hits)

Lucky Patcher v7.0.3 APK

File Size:  MB
Requires Android: 2.1+
Source code file: www.ApkHouse.Com


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