Magisk Manager v6.1.1.r14 for Android

Magisk Manager v6.1.1.r14 Download and install the Magic Manager

Today and in this post, we want to familiarize you with one of the newest professional programs on the Android operating system, which requires specialized knowledge, so it is better if you do not follow this post. What is Magisic? This is a question that will surely all come to your mind when you see the title of the post! If you want to introduce it in a simple and understandable way, it can be an app or some kind of interface to make changes to the Android operating system without tampering with system files, which is similar to the Xposed, and the modules Various and diverse. This software is installed on the routine and non-rooted device, and to take advantage of its features, you can rotate your Android device simply by completing it.Magisk Manager is a special application for the continuous receipt and updating of Javascript, which has been developed by Topjohnwu and has been published on the Google Polly market. This software allows its users to receive the latest version of VMware at any time and place, and has a complete monitoring of all installed modules, manage the modules without any hassle, and have a very accurate and intelligent monitoring. Have all of them. If you are an Android professional user and developer, do not miss this program, and with it and install it, you can temporarily activate or disable the rout functionality for some applications!

Magisk Manager

Important: This app is a specialized tool designed for professional users. If you do not know how to use it, it’s possible to damage the phone’s RAM, so install and use this program with your own responsibility.

For more information, see the Magisk topic on the XDA forum .

Changes in this version :

* Major app optimizations + New features

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Requires Android4.1+

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