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NBA 2K15 1.0 Apk+Data NBA 2015 basketball game For Android

Free download The 2015 NBA basketball game NBA 2K15 1.0 Download for Android Games form ApkHouse

The new version of the 2015 NBA basketball Yazzie Android

No need to install 1.7 GB of data 

NBA 2K15 NBA or the fifteenth edition of the best-selling basketball series of games released Android and its latest version is available. The league consists of teams from America and Canada with respect to the licensing of companies bought by 2K sports teams from leagues around 25 Turkish Airlines Euroleague games have been added in this version. The game is much improved graphics and AI and induce more excitement to the user. European teams played last year was only 14. The big teams will be added to FC Bayern Munich of Germany, Partizan NIS Belgrade of Serbia, JSF Nanterre in France noted.


Features of this NBA 2K15 1.0:

** Ability to perform tactical moves to confuse opponents
** Extremely stunning graphics game
** Ability to select and customize the touch controls to play
** Record in the league last modified versions
** Ability to display real results at the top (as in real matches)
** Advanced Sound of Music Great source
** Ability to play multiplayer
Audience participation is encouraged so natural and real. **

Usually, the NBA 2K series, and the core gameplay is one thing more copies than they have been in progress and there is a big difference in them and it appears that the same is true about NBA 2K15. The manufacturer has said we want you to feel that we are induced to think you’re really in the gym and make the experience that they have never been done.

Good For Adreno GPU’s game

NBA 2K16 mod apk+Data For All GPU

Free Download Link

NBA 2K15 v1.0.0.58 Apk (421,112 hits)

NBA 2K15 v1.0.0.58 Apk

File Size: 1.78 GB
Requires Android: 4.2 and up
Source code file: www.ApkHouse.Com

NBA 2K15
NBA 2K15
Developer: 2K Games
Price: [*]



  1. is this compatible with ASUS Zenfone 5 and ASUS Zenfone Go?

  2. i cannot install because my internal storage is out of space

    should this game work in Adreno 305 with 1gb ram Qualcomm Snapdragon..>

  3. anthony evangelista

    why i can’t install nba2k15 in my android cloudpad tablet?

  4. I have a tablet with 1 gb ram!!!
    Can nba 2k15 work in there??

  5. Did it works on 2 gb ram?I want to play it so hard!!!Pls… Help me

  6. Its not compatible with android 4.0.4 version. Please make a patch so that it will be able to work on some version of android.

  7. Dude its all working… Great game!

  8. does it work wid alcatel 8008x?

  9. I’m using Samsung galaxy tab 3 lite , can this game been installed ?

  10. where is the obb file

  11. Johany Macaronsing

    my huawei p7 L10 can’t open my 2k15 apk i have a wifi connection bt still

    can’t open !

  12. Mark Jesus Aristo

    How to run this game with my samsung galaxy s3? It always says that “nba2k15 unfortunately stop”. What should I do to play this game? Thanks for the help.

  13. the apkhouse has no answer about the problems we encounter! WTF! im using an octacore too! but it is always the chinese girl with the chinese words, then nothing happens!!!! this sucks! i’ll stick with 2k14 for now until this issue is fixed! (hopefully).

  14. Nba 2k15 i cant works in samsung galaxy tab3 7.0??

  15. How to fix nba 2k15 has stopped??

  16. I have been finished downloading NBA 2k15 then when I installing it their is a letter Aper’s in my screen it say the app not installed but my memory have 4GB space
    My phone is kata i3s

    • This game is for adreno devices only so check your phone’s gpu. If not, well oh well; you just wasted 30 minutes of your life bro

  17. Hello.Today I bought ASUS tablet and I wanted download this game,I installed it but when load quick game,he turn off.HELP!!!!

  18. i can’t run it on my lenovo s820 its a quadcore but still i wont work on my phone..idownloaded the obb but nothing happens.

    i need some help and please fix it..

  19. Hey when its installed how many gb ram??? please reply……

  20. Kenji Delos santos

    It doesn’t install

  21. Please make apk+data not all of part is on apk I need it because my internal is 400 mb free
    And my memory card is 16 gb

  22. Please reply

  23. Its working in flare s3 octa core?

  24. I click open there’s a logo with a girl and Chinese lettering then the logo disappear and its all black and then it force close. and said unfortunately nba 2k15 has stopped..
    im using lenovo a7-50. Please help me

  25. This NBA is for all GPU’s???

  26. Can i run Mali 450 1.4ghz octa core ?

  27. can i install it in my sd card it has 4gb more available..???

  28. can i play this game ,my phone is cherry mobile amber2 4.4 android version (kitkat) i dont know the GPU MALI , answer asap please thanks

    • Kuya kelangan po adreno yung gpu ng phone mo. Hindi talaga gagana yan kung iba gpu mo pero mapapagana mo lang siya kapag ni-root mo yung phone mo tapos gagamit ka ng gltools. May masesearch ka naman kung paano gamitin yung gltools eh. Heto lang ang tatandaan mo kapag magroroot ka ng phone, risky siya, pwede malagyan ng virus ang phone mo etc. Good luck po kuya

  29. Does this work on samsung galaxy tab 4 7 inch please reply?thanks

  30. Can i play this on zenfone 2?

  31. Kevin SuperHot Rivera

    Hey when its installed how many space is this ?

  32. John Stephen Tundag

    Hi, been looking for the latest version of nba2k15. Is this latest version? Update roster? Can we trade players? Pls rply.

  33. John Stephen Tundag

    Is this the latest version? Can we trade players?

  34. Dude the game only works in GPU of PowerVr,Adreno, and Mali-T628 only 3 gpu can work in dat game

  35. cant run in my zenfone 5

  36. Its not working on lenovo a536 shit

  37. Aizer Ben Clyte Benosa

    Does it work with samsung galaxy grand prime?

  38. hayzzzz.. need to root and install fake gpu or chainfire3d in order to run this game… using s4 powervr gpu

  39. is that game installed by ARM Mali-400 MP2 GPU… specs?? please comment… i need your answer 😀


  41. do you think my phone will crash if iplay dis on mali 450 gpu

  42. I cant play…when i start to play the screen becomes black in Samsung Note 3

  43. Keith Carl Antoni Liwag

    Whenever i play nba 2k15 on my galaxy grand prime, its always lagging and closing. I close all sounds and apps. I even uninstall some apps. How can i fix this? Please help meeee 🙁

  44. Does it work on samsung grand prime

  45. is compatible on a gpu of mali 400?

  46. hi.. should i download all the files and extract it?

  47. Sir could u teach me how to install the game? Im sorry, im just a kid

  48. hgzhjjhmhjččdseuilvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

  49. i’d like to ask if it will work even im not rooted

  50. i like to ask if it will work even im not rooted?

  51. Hi helo im using asus zenfone 6 y??? i can’t open nba2k15 pls help…..i want dis game

  52. Sir,
    I have some problem on canvas 4 . it says app not installed . I have 6 gb of storage left on internal sd card and 800 mb availabe on phone storage

  53. Done installation but when opening the app it always stops at the Chinese Logo then in stops. How do i fix? BTW I already did what was advised to run with wifi connection. Using Samsung Note 2

  54. my phone is lenovo a536 GPU is Mail 400 and have 1GB RAM. Then, when i try to open the app its always opening with a girl and chinese lettering then its stops. Whats the problem ?

  55. Not working with PowerVR (S4)

  56. dude i think i already got a good specs for this game, but why still the commentary are not working when im in game ? it only say “Welcome to 2k sports im demon blablablablabla” and after that no more sound for commentary, i can only hear the crowd voice, and player chater.

    here’s my phone specs :
    OS : Android OS, v4.3 (Jelly Bean)
    Chipset: Qualcomm MSM8974AB Snapdragon 801
    CPU: Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400
    GPU : Adreno 330

    RAM : 2gb

  57. This is working fine with my Xiaomi mi3 :-), mi3 has adreno 330, dunno if this will work with a mali 400 gpu, anyone tested this on mali 400 gpu’s? this does not work with powervr.

  58. does it work on my htc one m7??

  59. Hi people, can I run it on LG L80?

  60. My internal memory is 8gb and 1gb ram can i play this game?

  61. I have downloaded the app but qhen i install it showing error parsing this package app is not installing i m usin note 2 how it will work

  62. Hey Christopher de vicente how did you download It?

  63. christopher de vicente

    Hi there I completely download the apk and install it then when I click open there’s a logo with a girl and Chinese lettering then the logo disappear and its all black and then it force close. and said unfortunately nba 2k15 has stopped..
    im using asus zenfone 5

    how can i fix this please help!!

  64. Hi I completely download the apk and install it then when I click open there’s a logo with a girl and Chinese lettering then the logo disappear and its all black and then it force close. and said unfortunately nba 2k15 has stopped..
    im using asus zenfone 5

    how can i fix this please help!!

  65. I have lg g3 beat with adreno 305… can i play this game..?

  66. how to dl with no fee

  67. Joseph Ryan Vdjjoy Sanchez

    My friend i have audio problem nocommentator.i am using galaxy s5.plz help.tnx

  68. Roddaniel Bernados

    can i ask samsung galaxy note 1 4g LTE 24gb internal 2 gb ram its compatible??

  69. How many gig. This game needs? I have 6gb but its not fitted to it. Help please i have only 7.something only. Reply please

  70. apps not installed in sony xperia l. pls help me

  71. Not Working on my Phone (Zenfone 4) PowerVR GPU,i have fast Connection to the Internet too but it doesn’t help anything

  72. hi i’ve just dowloaded your app. game is working but the audio is not. commentary sounds like robotic. im using xperia z1. i wonder if you can help me out. tia!

  73. Can it run mali 400?

  74. Why it is when im on the main play it was exiting the game? Im using sony xperia m2 4.4.4 adreno 305

  75. why i run the game is alway saying unfortunately nba 2k15 has stopped. what should i do ,,?

    • i have the same problem. after the installation and run the app, it always stopped.

    • Unfortunately, nba 2k15 is for adreno devices only. Search your phone’s gpu so you’ll know if it’s compatible. If you really really want to play this game and your phone is not compatible, root your device then use gltools.

  76. Dude the audio is not working properly theres no commentary

  77. I have the rca tablet 7 Voyager I installed the apk it came on and then just started to force close will of work it a Android 4.4.2

  78. can i ask samsung galaxy note 2 32gb internal 2 gb ram its compatible??

  79. Force close in gpu power vr how to fix

  80. how to play with out installing?

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