Pocket Rally 1.3 Mod unlimited Rally Championship Game for android

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Light passenger car games and racing games is without doubt one of the most popular styles. Manufacturers of all kinds of games of car racing games have produced. For example, a typical car racing games games are illegal in the city or in the countryside, racing tracks and compete in other models. One of the popular styles in this context, Rally racing is exciting. In this context the great games that have been introduced and Pocket Rally is one of those games. Pocket Rally game Illusion Magic Studio is a studio product.


Pocket Rally is an attractive and exciting and risky. In this game you drive a massive challenge drawn art! Can you get off on rough roads and twisty luck? If you think this game like other games like Asphalt series does not require tremendous skill in driving, you’re wrong. Pocket Rally Cars are built on natural forms of movement. The bumpy roads and the fluidity of the game makes the game much more challenging than normal, and as a result as well.

Details of surroundings such as trees and rocks and Pocket Rally game … not very professional but very natural and graphical tools for three-dimensional models were built. It is clear that manufacturers focus on fluency and being compact and reliable hard drive is turned off. According to the developers making the games realism and entertainment of the elements used. With this interpretation with an attractive, exciting, challenging, graphical, and at the same time, runs on smartphones and tablets, even the poor are facing.

Also, the Pocket Rally able to run 60fps or 60 fps is also of course depends on the device and the characteristics of its graphics. In this game you can play in two parts: Single Race or Challenge. With the above steps, you can earn and spend better and more powerful machines to unlock and choose from.

Features of this Pocket Rally 1.3:

  • Attractive graphics and natural
  • Easy control by either the virtual buttons for gas and brake
  • Supports accelerometer (moving to the left or right by twisting your phone or tablet)
  • Support of controllers such as Bluetooth / OTG / USB gamepads
  • With different settings in the Control (How motion, automatic gas, or turning the phone left and right with the virtual keys, etc.)
  • The game has two main modes (Challenge mode and Single Race mode)
  • Have different phases at different locations such as mountain roads, snowy roads, forest roads and …
  • Show Repeat match after reaching the finish line in various shots
  • Adjustable camera in three different modes:
  • Has 35 stages in Challenge
  • Runs on smartphones and tablets weaker even with low RAM and dual-core processors
  • Runs completely offline with full English language

Changes in this version Pocket Rally 1.3:

– Leaderboards and Achievements Add.
– Adjust Difficulty.
– Add Touch II mode control (Slider control is back).
– Bug fixes.
– 4 new cars / Liveries.
– 2 new tracks with forward / reverse Variations.
– New challenge series of 35 levels.
– Graphics and car improvements Physics.
– Improved frame Rate (up to 60 fps Depending on device).

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File Size: 43.27 MB
Requires Android: 2.1+
Source code file: www.ApkHouse.Com

Pocket Rally
Pocket Rally
Price: 0,99 €

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