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Gu Pokémon popular game Pokemon GO for Android

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Very rarely that we saw the game that has unique gameplay and new to the pandemic so that in a short time and so many people to use it. However, the annual number of games for mobile phones are available with the same conditions. For example, some time ago saw games like stubble F Kellens , Candy Crush and … we’ve been having a totally new and unique gameplay could become one of the most prominent Android games and gain so many fans .

Pokemon-GO (1)

 Android game features:

  • A totally new and unique gameplay
  • The search for Pokémon in play
  • Has excellent graphics and stunning
  • The first game was designed with virtual reality
  • High realism and unique experience

WHAT’S NEW 0.31.0:

minor text fixes

info Free Download Link

Requires Android: 4.4+

Zip/Rar File Password: www.apkhouse.com

Google play store review And Price :

[appbox googleplay com.nianticlabs.pokemongo]

Pokemon-GO (2) Pokemon-GO (3) Pokemon-GO (4)

important points:

  1. This game is designed for Android smart phone and there is no guarantee that will also be installed on Android tablets.
  2. To run this game you will need at least 2GB of RAM phone hardware.
  3. GPS devices that have not able to run this game.
  4. To run this game requires an internet connection will be.
  5. Interview with Intel Atom processor is not compatible Pvkmn game.
  6. To run the game needs to change IP (United States, Australia and New Zealand) are.
  7. Because the server busy this game now faced with the problem of entry.

Pokémon Goo Android Game Review

As you know, these days the talk of a new game called Pokémon GO have heard that perhaps you name it and it’s popularity in mind. The game is currently in America has been selected as the most popular games because it also has a lot of users that simultaneously doing it. The new game, with unique gameplay and awesome already has a lot of users into its own. “Pvkmn dialogue” originally released for Nintendo and later saw the release for Android and IOS The games were popular. Apkhouse now on Android version of the game we have to prepare.

How to play Pvkmn Gu

In fact Pokémon GO is a completely new and unique games for Android phones is that with the use of virtual reality, creates an unparalleled entertainment for the user. The game uses the phone’s camera, sensors and also uses GPS + Internet. The game is that you have to go through your cell phone for your city-level Pokémon.This game will take you out of the house to the city to find Pokémon’re looking to locate them.

As we said Pokémon in the city (in the form of virtual reality via GPS) have been dispersed. Games, Pokémon through a map that is before you can go to the city. After the Pokémon available through the map to find must educate them and make them stronger.

The next important thing is to fight back links Pokémon. That finding Pokémon to fight them carried out. Once you’ve found your Pokémon can with other people who are near you Bjnganyd them.

Pvkmn conversation revolutionized the online gaming industry

Pokémon GO a revolution in the gaming industry, is that after installing and using it, of course, is the gameplay that will surprise you. Details about the game, do not be to the point and only when you can not quite familiar with this fun and engaging install it and use it. There is no doubt that after the installation and use of the game, you’ll find it addictive.

We can dare to say that Gu Pokémon gameplay gameplay even more fun and addictive as stubble F Kellens.Then you can play the best Android get directly from the site.

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