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The most beautiful settings can be found in the Prequel (MOD, Gold Subscription) app for editing photos and videos. It has a hand-picked collection of photo and video effects.

PREQUEL AI Filter Photos Editor is a mobile Apps that lets users use artificial intelligence (AI) filters and effects to improve and change their photos and videos. This app has a lot of creative Tools and features that let users add beautiful filters, effects, and overlays to their media. This lets them make visually stunning posts that stand out on social media and beyond. We’ll learn more about PREQUEL AI Filter Photo Editor, its main features, and why it’s become so popular among photo and video fans in this article.


The World of PREQUEL AI Filter Photo Editor

Photos and videos are a way to express yourself and tell stories in today’s visually-driven world. PREQUEL AI Filter Photo Editor lets you be creative. This app has a lot of AI-powered tools that will make your media stand out, whether you’re a professional content creator or just like to improve your own memories.

Key Features of PREQUEL AI Filter Photo Editor

AI Filters and Effects

The app usually has a bunch of AI filters and effects that can change the mood and look of your photos and videos right away. There are so many options, from retro styles to looks from the future.

Advanced Editing Tools

Users often have access to a set of advanced editing tools that let them change things like saturation, brightness, contrast, and more. This lets the visuals be tweaked until they look just right.

Artistic Overlays

Most of the time, PREQUEL AI Filter Photo Editor has a variety of artistic overlays and textures that you can add to your media to make images that are unique and stand out.


Video Editing

A lot of the time, the app can also be used to edit videos. Users can add filters and effects to video clips to make their multimedia projects look better.

Customizable Presets

Presets let users save their favorite combinations of filters and effects, which makes it easy to give their content a consistent look.

Trendy Templates

The app might have cool frames and templates for photos and videos that make them look better, which makes it perfect for making content for social media.

Social Sharing

After changing your media, you can often share it right to your favorite social media sites, so everyone can see how creative you are.


AI Magic: The AI-powered filters and effects in the app add a magical touch to your media and make it easy to make visually stunning things.

Creative Freedom: The range of editing tools and overlays provide users with creative freedom to make their photos and videos unique.

Video Capabilities: The app is more useful because it can edit videos, so you can use the same style for all of your media.

Presets and Templates: Presets and templates streamline the editing process, making it easy to achieve consistent and trendy looks.

Social Media Integration: The app’s seamless integration with social media platforms ensures that users can easily share their creations and engage with their audience.



PREQUEL AI Filter Photo Editor is your creative companion for transforming your photos and videos into captivating visual stories. Whether you’re enhancing your personal memories or aiming to create stunning content for your online audience, this app offers a wide range of AI-powered tools to take your media to the next level.

So, dive into the world of visual storytelling, apply AI magic to your media, and watch as your photos and videos come to life in ways that truly stand out.

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