Resort Hotel Bay Story 01 mod apk

Resort Hotel: Bay Story‏ v2.0.8 Mod Apk (Unlimited life, gold and many keys)

Download Resort Hotel Bay Story‏ Mod Apk (Unlimited life, gold and many keys) Android Game.

Android’s website wants to introduce you an incredibly engaging and fancy game that is in the category of puzzle games produced by whale App LTD. The game tells the story of a teenage girl who should be able to rebuild her now-very demolished family hotel and build a very luxurious hotel that needs privileges to get the points that need to be able to put together awesome collared puzzles that are moving vertically so that they explode and gain points. Then to get points. The means of these privileges to rebuild the hotel must first visualize the map of a beautiful hotel in mind and kill it and then build the main building of the hotel and decorate the exterior of the hotel with a very beautiful garden and different flowers and trees, then go to the interior of the hotel and build kitchen appliances according to their personal tastes and put the cabinets and kitchen appliances right next to each other. The game’s story girl can decorate every single room well and choose the ones she loves and come together with a charming design to finally rebuild the hotel and protect her family heritage. If you are interested in helping the teenage girl play, you can download the game as quickly as possible and play the game.

Resort Hotel: Bay Story‏ Mod Apk

Some resort hotel features: Bay Story

a fantasy and girly game
Familial hotel
realization of the role of a teenage girl
putting together attractive and colourful puzzles
Seven points to buy items
The design of a luxurious hotel
The decoration of the hotel’s interiors and exteriors
the use of very diverse means

Resort Hotel: Bay Story‏ Apk

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Requires Android: 4.1+

Resort Hotel: Bay Story‏ Android

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