Rolling Sky is one of the newest Android games that has been featured by many fans with its exciting gameplay , and its story is that you need to move small and large balloons into different paths to guide it. It is always in balance, otherwise it will fall in the valley and will cause you to lose. There are many obstacles in this way of bending and this is one that, based on your experience and concentration, should be able to overcome the challenging stages and succeed Get more points and test your abilities in different locations.

Rolling Sky has played carefully in designing details and creating graphic scenes such as the universe and cliffs, and forest and snow, and intrigues, and in each step you need to move an arc on different paths. The control of the track is done with the touch buttons on the page and you can easily move it to the left and right directions and ultimately reach the destination. This fun game is played by the Cheetah Games Studios and for free on Android Market. Released and won 4.4 points out of Google Play 5 and is now ready to download , along with the modem file .