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The latest version Scientific Calculator adfree android

If you are looking for a calculator for your Android phone into a powerful, lightweight and easy to use and interface appearance was pleasant to you, we propose Software Scientific Calculator adfree. The software in the Google Market and download a high level that indicates the desired effect by Android users, it over the world.

Scientific Calculator adfree

It can all engineering and mathematical calculations in a fraction of seconds and you will need to buy an expensive calculator, engineering.

Features of this Scientific Calculator adfree 3.5.0:

Modes included are:

* Basic Calculator,
* Scientific Calculator,
* 64-bit Programmer Mode (Hex, Oct, Bin and Dec),
* Graphing (save a copy of the graph to the sdcard),
* Matrices,
* Complex Numbers (cartesian, polar, using Euler’s identity),
* Quick Formulas,
* Quick Converter,
* Time Calculator,
* Equation Solver,
* Calculus (Derivative, Definite Integral, Taylor Series & Indefinite Integral) – requires Android version 2.3 or higher

+ The Periodic Table of Elements!

Features of TechCalc + scientific calculator include:

* Trigonometric Functions (radians, degrees or gradients)
* Power & Root Functions
* Log and Antilog functions
* Permutations (nPr) and Combinations (nCr)
* HCF, LCM, Prime factorization, Δ% function and the remainder function
* Pol () & Rec () Functions
* Statistics Functions (inc. Bessel, Beta, Binomial, Chi-Squared, Digamma, Error, Exponential, F-, Gamma, Hypergeometric, Normal, Poisson, T- & Weibull)
* Factorial Function
* Modulus Function
* Random Numbers
* Fractions Mode
* Constants (4 categories) – press to include into a calculation or long press for more information on the constant:
* Physical and Astronomical Constants
* Periodic Table – atomic mass (u)
* Solar System – Orbit Distances (km)
* My Constants (save personal constants via the calculation history)
* A wide range of conversion categories – Distance, Area, Volume, Mass, Density, Speed, Pressure, Energy, Power, Frequency, Magnetic Flux Density, Dynamic Viscosity, Temperature, Heat Transfer Coefficient, Time, Angles, Data Size, Exchange Rates , Fuel Efficiency, Audio Signal Level, Torque, Force, Radioactivity, Radiation
* 20 Memory Registers in each of the calculation modes
* A complete record of each calculation is stored in the calculation history, the result of which can be used in future calculations
* Detailed Help and Reference Available
* Highly customizable via the Settings including a wide range of layouts to choose from
* Output font size can be increased or decreased by long pressing the + or – buttons

The reference section of TechCalc + scientific calculator includes:

* Physical Laws
* Useful Mathematical Formulas
* Names in the Metric System
* Mathematical Tables (Log & Antilog Tables, Normal Distribution Table, Trigonometric Tables, Power & Root Tables)
* Elementary Algebra
* Linear Algebra (Matrices)
* Trigonometric Identities
* Differentiation Rules
* Integration Rules
* Statistics Formulas
* Vector Mathematics
* ASCII Converter
* Fractional Bits Converter
* Roman Numeral Converter
* PH Calculator
* Interpolation Calculator
* Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator
* Proportion Calculator

Changes in this version Scientific Calculator adfree 3.5.0:

What’s New (ver 3.5.0)
* Added argument function (arg) to complex numbers mode
* Bug fixes

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File Size:  8.4 MB
Requires Android: 2.1+
Source code file: www.ApkHouse.Com

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Wissenschaftlicher Rechner +
Wissenschaftlicher Rechner +
Developer: roaming squirrel
Price: 1,05 €

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