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Free download combat flight game Infinity SIM Extreme Flight 1.0 + version for Android mode games form ApkHouse

Aircraft combat games and SIM Extreme Flight,Normal and mode version,Google made ​​the price $ 1.99

Applicable in offline without having to be rooted

Certain games have always been a particular fan of the style. Genre airline pilots always had his own fans.Thanks to advances in intelligent games and platforms, we can better match the natural and examined. For example, in the style of game you can play as many airlines use in the majority of the original pattern, observe the manufacturing process to match the reality. In these games, which are known simulation game, you will play a challenging, very close to the truth. If you’re looking for one of these games, a good option would be to play SIM Extreme Flight. Made in Future SIM Extreme Flight Games product is introduced in late September 2014 Google made a sale price of $ 1.99.


Features of this SIM Extreme Flight:

  • Style of warfare aircraft (jets)
  • Attractive graphics with low volume
  • Challenging in the control plane and rotates at a speed
  • Two different controller types (accelerometer and virtual touch buttons)
  • Owns more than 5 types of aircraft
  • Ability to purchase better equipment and weapons
  • Contains 21 different stages
  • Different enemies with different intelligence levels
  • Sound is excellent
  • The ability to earn more points the better fighter jets liberalization

Presentation and gameplay SIM Extreme Flight:

SIM Extreme Flight Games Product Made in Future Studio is a very attractive three dimensional game about war or military jet fighter is. This game is a back view of the front of the plane to show you. In this game you will have four general principles and basic steps. The first proper movement and lack of anything like walls, obstacles and so on. It requires focus and your ability to control your jet and arguably abilities are challenged in this area.

Note that each type of aircraft you’re dealing with different levels of explosion and therefore you’ll lose. Like many other games, the game also has two SIM Extreme Flight controls with accelerometer sensor and another one with the help of a virtual pad can be used in many different ways. Two virtual buttons also appear on the sides. A further increase the speed and reduce speed. In fact, you’re on the go at normal cruising speed.Sometimes you have to move more quickly or in some cases should go to a quiet place to eat.

The second principle is more quickly reach the finish line. This game is rated according to the time and steps in a shorter time period they receive a higher rating. The third and fourth battle with the enemy is concerned.Except for the first two principles, your SIM Extreme Flight enemies that you must destroy them and stay safe from their attacks. The third principle evade the missiles and attack enemies. You must be highly skilled to shoot the missiles that are not dealt with Skip.

The fourth principle, you must make your enemies hit by rocket fire. It needs to point the radar to follow your target and press the Launch button to launch a missile to the target. Compliance with all of this, we can pass the game stages. However, it is challenging for the pilot alone will be enough for you. It is worth mentioning that Google made this game in stores on September 27, 2014 was unveiled at a price of $ 1.99.Android top of the beautiful game as paid without restriction in the normal mode version has been prepared.

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SIM Extreme Flight v2.4 APK (1,460 hits)

SIM Extreme Flight v2.4 APK

SIM Extreme Flight v2.2 (Mod money) APK (4,051 hits)

SIM Extreme Flight v2.2 (Mod money) APK

File Size: 47.58 MB | 47.67 MB
Requires Android: 2.1+
Source code file: www.ApkHouse.Com

Developer: Funcity Studio
Price: Free+


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