SimCity BuildIt v1.25.2.81407 Mod (Level10 / Max Money / Cash / Keys / Fresh Map)

SimCity BuildIt v1.25.2.81407 Mod (Level10 / Max Money / Cash / Keys / Fresh Map) – Android Urban Fun Games.

SimCity BuildIt can be featured as one of the masterpieces of the EA GAMES gaming studio, which has been able to capture millions of Android users with creativity in engaging gameplay and score 4.4 out of 5 Google Play. SimCity Take full control of the city and try to regulate its situation. At first, the size of your city is not much, but by building streets and managing daily revenues, you can raise capital and invest in profitable sectors, then with Increase your wealth by building towers and profit from their buying and selling. At the same time, the main priority is the citizens’ satisfaction, and we must always be careful that civilians remain green.

Walk around the city, and in addition to enjoying the scenery, find out the problems of people, such as the lack of a water system, traffic and joblessness, and try to solve them, how much you can keep people happy and have jobs and Providing revenue will play a role in your popularity and will even cause the migration of people in other cities. Then, depending on the needs of the people of large factories, try to keep industrial areas such as factories and productions from residential areas to the polluted city Do not be

The construction of commuter routes and railroads and inland trains will facilitate the transportation of citizens and they will appreciate your efforts. SimCity BuildIt with stunning graphics and three-dimensional and awesome soundtrack that matches people to fill leisure management and urban development are interested in is recommended.

SimCity BuildIt

Features of SimCity BuildIt Android:

Challenges such as urban traffic, fire and air pollution

-Creating building types to meet the needs of people like shops and towers

-Acquaintance and sightseeing in the city with a 3D view and a 360 degree angle

A realistic system of day and night circulation

Changes in version :

* Added dozens of new features + Fix game problems and various improvements

SimCity BuildIt MOD:

1. Unlimited Coins
2. Unlimited Money
3. Unlimited Golden Keys
4. Can be played online
5. Player ID is NOT associated with other players
6. This will generate your own unique player ID
7. All Versions Supported
You can update the game after Applying this cheat 8.
9. All Buildings Constructed already
10. Place the All Constructed Buildings Buildings are Omega
11. All fully upgraded Buildings
12. More than 2 million Population
13. 100 Happiness

Warning about the revamped version:
– Installed file will delete your current progress in the game!
– Back up your game data game!

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Requires Android: 4.0 or higher

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simcity-buildit-5_ApkHouse simcity-buildit (5)_ApkHouse simcity-buildit (4)_ApkHouse simcity-buildit (3)_ApkHouse

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    She market online or offline

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    Is there a mod version of this

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