The Amazing Spider Man 2 v1.2.5i Full Apk + DATA Offline Android Games

Free download  The Amazing Spider Man 2 v1.2.5i Offline Play Spiderman 2 + DATA for Android version form ApkHouse

The second version of the game The Amazing Spider Man 2

Normal mod version + version (coming soon)


The new version of the beautiful game The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man‘s amazing Loft Company Ltd. released enormous. In this game you play the role of Spiderman and you have evil people in New York City have begun to combat vandalism and order and security in the game are very beautiful and stunning Bazgrdanyd.grafyk, and new capacities added to the game This game based on a movie that made the original game but some new characters also appear in the game.


Features of this The Amazing Spider Man 2:

  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • 6. attractive in different parts of the world with the ability to open
  • Added new functionality such as the climbing wall and flying …
  • Very nice quality sound and sound effects


Various game performance improvements, optimizations and bug fixes.
Fixed and cleaned up various UI issues.

Installing the game:

  1. Install the game
  2. The folder from the archive to unpack in / sdcard / Android / OBB / – should get so /sdcard/Android/obb/ – decompressed cache size 1.14 GB

Free Download Link

Download apk
Requires Android: 4.0+
Source code file: www.ApkHouse.Com

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91 Responses

  1. nisim asnako says:

    It’s not working

  2. Knox Avery says:

    That’s because the obb is
    an nba2k14 app atleast that’s what my HTC M9 READS

  3. Pranesh Prashar says:

    It’s not working i put the files in right place the game icon i click gameloft symbol appears then checking files appear and it says files r good click ok to play and when i click ok the game relaunches and the screen says that it stopped working..
    What shoul i do?????
    Help me please….

  4. Aamir Ali says:

    thanks ada working completly

  5. Suman Sen says:

    Always show game not installed…. Why????? Mobile yuphoria 5010

  6. Ajith Kumar says:

    Not running same box appears and the game closes displaying “unfortunately spiderman 2 has stopped “

  7. Nischal Deshpande says:

    Hey guys please help me out. Is it working on Android 5.0.2 . I tried it more than 10 times but one of the errors mentioned above comes and the game will not start.

  8. Kewal Alexandersson says:

    it is not working when i open the game it close but i have also put the folder in obb

  9. Lester Villarias says:

    why i can’t install it, always app not install…. please help me guys

  10. Ravi Gepal says:

    Hiii I have tried installing but the installation is goon failed

  11. saidul sk says:

    Hi i am saidul,I’m the one to play the game run coming to the touch quite the menu?

  12. Rahul says:

    I pasted the file in right folder and after installing the game when i opened it after confirmation it shows and after it the blank screen please help

  13. Shafiq blerrr says:

    The obb file shut to be 1gb but why this obb file is 600mb?

  14. Kaneki says:

    Where can i dowload data file?

  15. Jame Infinium says:

    you have given the link for mod apk
    but there is no extra spiderpoints( coins)
    in the given apk.
    Please i need mod money apk.
    or else apk with all suits unlocked.

  16. George says:

    I am following all the instructions you guys gave and it’s still not working, am i doing it right?

  17. Rohan Yadav says:

    its suddenly crashes please tell me full process please.

  18. Haseeb Shaikh says:

    When i click on download data it appears media fire link error please help

  19. Aditya Ranganathen says:

    Alright, I installed the apk, put the obb file in obb and opened the app. I used wifi the first time and it said everything was ok, touch to play the game. When i press ok, some dialog box with the words apkmania comes and the game crashes. I put everything in its proper place. Like i said, obb file along with its folder is in Androidobb. Anyone else having the same problem ? Need help

  20. Zachary Belcher says:

    I have it working but i cant get the unlimited money to activate some one plz help me asap

  21. Samee says:

    dude you are so cool it runs offline thanks a lot all the people saying that it is not working are fool

  22. Gagandeep Singh says:

    Hi I’m using galaxy s4 .i installed apk and obb data and place tht in obb folder also.. But app is nt installed.plz suggest how can i install it

  23. MrBBC111 says:

    Bruh I’m using ipad,here i got many problem inside this game after install:
    After success transfer obb/Gameloft blablablabla…and “u game has succesfully download blablabla” so I click OK…..then finish the tutorial….and the game out to home screen and reply me like this “UNFORTUNATELY AMAZING-SPIDERMAN HAS STOP or YOU DEVICE NOT COMPATIBLE”??

  24. bbanam says:

    App not install….I coped the data in Android/obb/ and when install the app it says app not install….Please help !

  25. vanzant says:

    Does the mod need a 1st time online run ?

  26. Ajith aju says:

    what is ticket id??

  27. ܔܔܔܔܛܔ ܔܔܔܔܛܔ says:

    How to fix error in defeating the electric guy please help me

  28. Mohamed Osama Sharaf says:

    THX for the game and it works 100% and please try to check your steps before blaming any one

  29. raghav says:

    THe obb file has to be put in the obb folder or the data folder because it is an obb file and in instructions also it is said that place in obb folder
    i did that still cant run it
    pls help

  30. jc says:

    do I have to download too the OBB file?I have an apk file and it is installed already on my android device but I’ve downloaded it from the other site…Will it work if I download the OBB file from here and the apk file from the other site?please reply……………..and help.

  31. Andri Rohendi says:

    Its working..
    Put data file on Android/obb/
    Not on Android/data/
    Working without wifi connection

  32. S Satameth says:

    Thanks a lot. It really works

  33. Edwin Barbastro says:

    i follow the instructions and yet when i try to open the game it says check license and you have to purchase the game..

  34. Sibi Kallikkat says:

    It is working like charm.No issues…

  35. janjok says:

    Its will never work

  36. Parameswar says:

    thanks for the offline apk+unlimited coin…

  37. rishiraj says:

    Obb file is not downloading because no captcha is appearing on my mediafire
    Please help 🙁

  38. Ajay Venkatesan says:

    Do I have to download the obb?

  39. Ken says:

    Hi! How Can I Transfer The Data In Android/Obb ?? Please Reply..

    • Apkhouse says:

      Extrect Data File.Then Move Data File sdcard/Android/obb/
      Some Device Need Move On Internal Memory..

  40. Van Heskey says:

    Guys, i know the solution. Just install an apk downloaded from this site and PUT OBB FOLDER ON BOTH DATA & OBB folder on sdcard/android.It works for me

  41. Whempy Nicholas says:

    how about mod buddy? The Amazing Spider Man 2 V1.2.0 Apk mod

  42. Mounir Samir Mounir says:

    i put data on android/obb is right and it work not in android/data

  43. Rica Ann Sapio Riana says:

    Working 🙂 tnx apkhouse
    I copy the extracted folder to android/data and android/obb

    It works perfectlyperfectly more power

  44. zuif says:

    Nope, tried everything not running, android/data folder copied and once I start the game, a new folder – automatically appears in android/data (it’s will small c) what should I do with this folder? any advice?

  45. hat wear says:

    Please make your app

  46. AKouZ1 says:

    Plance on /data or /obb ??? I confused.

  47. Akhmad Rissa says:

    why not work at xiaomi redmi 1s ? please help me

  48. faysal says:

    I downloaded the game and when I open it it stay in 45% and tell me update new version or something like that

  49. Sumit Kumar says:

    After one chapter it doesn’t run why
    It says that u r band and others….

  50. di-clike says:

    Thanks, it’s work for me..

  51. Jensen Elizz says:

    I downloaded d game and placed d data file in the right folder…….the game works BT it won’t load past 45%…….pls help

  52. Vicky RS says:

    yaa finally it runs successfully…. a awesome game…. thanks genius

  53. leonsio says:

    Thanks I downloaded it and it works thanks thanks thanks

  54. Kunal says:

    Not running…i installed the game on my phone and it say data downloaded click ok to run game but when i click ok box appers and game closses….please suggest me some way to play the game…
    Thank you