The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt v8.9 Mod (Unlimited money)

Download The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt 8.9 Mod (Unlimited money) – The Pirate Caribbean Android Game

Your authority and management are in looting and attacking other ships, which can lead to the discovery and collection of gold and treasure. So prepare yourself for martial arts such as balls, chain balls, fire and gunpowder to attack sea ships, and do not allow your ship to attack and plunder other smugglers. If the captain’s skills and the thief’s leadership You will see this game all over the excitement.

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt The challenging stages and many interesting things happen that they need to experience the captain’s capability and guidance of the navy. You can use all of your experience in the battlefields of the sea, such as commercial wars, caravans and Piracy will lead to victory and win many trophies. There are many enemies of the five different nations that intend to attack and destroy you and your ship so be careful. The precise design and processing of details such as real-time night and day cycles, as well as a deck of ships and sails from a close-up view can double the pleasure of the game. This action game, which was released by the home game studio Home Net Games and released free of charge on the Android market, won 4.4 points out of 5 Google Policies and now with the fileMod is ready to download.


The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Android features:

  • Over 18 different ferries with unique features
  • Very large fleets with immense size
  • Ability to control multiple ships during battle
  • Ships equipped with heavy balls to fight military bases
  • Five different types of ammunition: balls, chain balls, cluster balls, explosive barrels
  • More than 30 different types of episodes from ships
  • Ability to create characters, personality development with e-mail
  • More than 20 skippers for the captain
  • Unlock new features and functionality
  • Real physics of shipping, taking into account the direction and velocity of the wind, as well as the distance
  • Hundreds of different islands with hordes of different kinds
  • Rotate and pass through the day and night with the possibility of constructing different structures
  • Battle and fight type commercial, gang, army, pirate and escort
  • Different nationalities with scrolling stories in a region full of different people
  • And many other features

Changes in this version :

– There is a lot of sea fleet

– Can upgrade ships with different items

Realistic night-time bike

-There are powerful enemies from 5 different nationalities

– Experiences of various maritime battles like caravans and smugglers

– Weapons and equipment like heavy balls and so on

– Can build different buildings and buildings

-Management on the fleet and various ships

– Experiences of captain skills and ship management

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Requires Android: 2.3.3+


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