Top 7 best file managers for android 2023

Looking for the best file managers for android? We’ve tested and reviewed the top apps to make managing your files easier.

Discover the best file managers for Android to help you manage and organize your files quickly and easily. Easily find, copy, move, delete and share your files with just a few taps.

Best file managers for android

ApkHouse has compiled a list of the top seven best file managers for Android in 2023 so that you can keep track of all of your documents and programs. In this detailed evaluation, we will look at the features, benefits, and drawbacks of each one so you can select the best data management solution for you.

  1. Files by Google
  2. MiXplorer
  3. Cx File Explorer
  4. FX File Manager
  5. Astro File Manager
  6. File Commander Manager & Cloud
  7. Solid Explorer

Files by Google

Price: Free

Files by Google is an Android app meant to make managing files on your mobile device easier. It’s a powerful and user-friendly tool that can help you manage all of the data on your phone or tablet, saving you time and clearing up storage space. Files by Google is one of the best Android file managers available, offering a variety of features to make life easier.

The program allows users to swiftly browse through their files, eliminate undesirable items, and back them up to the cloud so that they are safe if their device is damaged. With its built-in cleaning system that analyzes your device for superfluous junk data such as temporary files, cached photos, and more, Files by Google makes it simple to clear away the clutter and free up much-needed storage space.


Price: $4.49

MiXplorer is a great file manager for Android devices. It’s a robust and feature-rich program that provides users with an easy way to manage their files and folders. MiXplorer’s user-friendly interface makes it an excellent solution for individuals who want to organize their files quickly and easily.

Multiple tabs, a split-pane layout, built-in archive support, a cloud storage connection, and more features are included in the app. It also gives you a lot of ways to customize it, like changing the colors and icons. Also, MiXplorer has great search tools that make it easy to find any file or folder quickly.

Overall, MiXplorer distinguishes itself from its competition due to its superb user experience and extensive features. This makes it one of the best file managers for Android devices on the market right now.

Cx File Explorer

Price: Free

Cx File Explorer can provide a comprehensive solution for those looking for the finest file managers for Android. This robust file manager tool enables users to easily view and manage files on their devices or in the cloud. It has a dual-pane display for easy navigation, root access, backup and restore options, and powerful search tools. It is one of the most popular file managers available on Android devices today, thanks to its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set.

Cx File Explorer makes it easy to move files between locations, both locally and across several cloud services. It supports common cloud storage services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box, making it simple to sync files between your device and other cloud sites.

FX File Manager

Price: Free

FX File Manager is one of the best Android file manager apps available. It has long been a fan favorite and remains the go-to software for managing files on an Android device. FX File Manager is one of the best file managers for Android users because of its attractive appearance, simple UI, and great performance.

Users can use the app to view, manage, share, and remove data from internal storage as well as SD cards. Users can also search for or filter their files by type, name, or modified date. Integration with Dropbox and Google Drive, the ability to hide individual folders, and security settings like password protection are also helpful. The app also supports many languages and works on both rooted and non-rooted devices.

Astro File Manager

Price: Free

Astro File Manager is an Android software for managing and organizing files on mobile devices. With millions of downloads, it has become one of the most popular file management apps for Android. Astro File Manager is one of the best file managers for Android, with a straightforward design and well-thought-out functions.

Astro File Manager allows you to easily view all files on your device and sort them by types, such as audio, video, photos, and documents. You can also use its strong search feature to find certain files or folders on your device. Other important features of the software include cloud storage connections, task killers, and system utilities that make handling many jobs easier.

File Commander Manager & Cloud

Price: Free

File Commander Manager and Cloud are crucial tools for managing and organizing your files, data, and documents on your Android device. There are a lot of personal file manager apps on the market, which makes it hard to choose the best one. This study looks at the best secure file management apps you can use to keep your data safe and well-organized.

File Commander: File Manager/Explorer is the first contender on our list. It’s a great all-in-one solution that makes it easy to access both online storage and local folders on your smartphone. You can also protect important files with a PIN or a fingerprint scanner so that only people with permission can get to them.

Solid Explorer

Price: Free

Solid Explorer is one of the greatest Android file managers. It has a number of features that set it apart from the competition, including an easy-to-use user interface and robust cloud storage connectivity. In this review, we will look at the main features of Solid Explorer and why it is regarded as one of the best Android file management apps.

Solid Explorer is a simple navigation system that allows users to rapidly find files and directories on their devices. The program also features two independent panes for each session, which makes it easy to manage many tasks at the same time. It features drag-and-drop capability, allowing you to conveniently move and copy files and directories across sessions.

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